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Clean room – hydraulics for vulnerable environments

All handling of valves takes place in a clean room environment - which enables us to comply with the stringent cleanliness requirements of Volvo STD 107-0002, but also equivalent standard for our customers Cargotec and Väderstad AB.

Any fluid system contains particles of different sizes, and especially in new systems unwanted particles are very common. If these particles are not removed, the consequences could be devastating, reducing service life, performance and reliability of the product. The trend in the automotive and engineering industry is moving towards more stringent cleanliness requirements for purchased and self-manufactured components. Cleanliness measurements are not merely a requirement for a drawing, but are also a working method that puts its stamp on the entire manufacturing process.

One step in achieving compliance with present and future cleanliness standards for systems and their components, is having all handling of valves take place in a clean room environment. This prevents the spread of pollutants and undesirable air flows into this area.