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Valve block for hydraulics – with customer unique properties

A head start utilising hydraulics – that's the end product you'll get

Our offerings range from custom made, fully operational valve blocks to single speciality components, such as swivels. Furthermore you'll benefit from a number of other advantages, everything from an increased service life to higher performances. You also get a competitive edge that can be measured and verified. Stig Wahlström Hydraulik AB provides you with the confidence and experience that a competent development partner can offer, helping you to put pressure on your competitors.

Over the years, constructing and manufacturing customised valve blocks, known as compact hydraulics, has become one of our specialities. We develop valve block solutions for both basic standard features and more complex multifunctional blocks! We manufacture both in steel and aluminium, depending on what the application requires, and what the customer wants. We also offer a large variety of surface treatments.

Customised valve blocks – the heart of your hydraulics

Today's demands regarding shorter installation times, compactness and overall cost optimization, make an integrated hydraulic valve system preferable. Stig Wahlström Hydraulik AB has the organisation and the components for offering valve blocks which provide both compact constructions and great economics. Furthermore our manufacturing and assembly take place according to very high cleanliness standards. Along with the valve blocks, we supply additional components for your hydraulic systems, such as pumps, motors, filters, accumulators and coolers.


Valve blocks in many different hydraulic applications

Stig Wahlström Hydraulik AB produces about 100,000 blocks and valves annually, for use in mobile machinery such as tractors, excavators, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, cranes, forestry cranes, harvesters, forwarders, ploughs, seed drills, harrows, fire extinguishing equipment, dump trucks, fork lift trucks, front loaders and boats – around the world.