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Valves for hydraulics – functionality in multiple steps

Valves for hydraulics with maximum benefits, both for your business and for your customers

That's what you benefit from if you decide to opt for our valve solutions. Regardless of whether they involve standard valves or customer-specific solutions. And by your side you will find a reliable hydraulics expert, with the small company's speed and accessibility and the big company's reach and excellence.

From Atlantic Fluid Tech and VIS Hydraulics we purchase the very best products available in pressure and flow control valves, primarily for mobile applications. Our product range is both extensive and advanced; perhaps it is even the best selection available, which makes us a market leader in Sweden.

Cartridge valves for hydraulics

Winner Hydraulics is specialised in cartridge valves for hydraulics, particularly for use in mobile hydraulics. Benefiting from Winner's wide range of valves, we can provide virtually any valve solution, even if the series size of the client's machine is limited. In addition, prices are highly competitive.

Together with the client we design and develop valves and cartridge valves with specific properties. This results in machines with operating characteristics beyond the ordinary. Both prototyping and serial production are done in our own factory

Customer-specific valve blocks with unique features and functionality

We also engineer and manufacture customised valve blocks in our own facilities. Using these solutions piping systems can be simplified, with a reduced risk of leakage.

Load-holding valves for mobile applications: Our speciality! We are proud to say that we are among the very best in this field. Our valves operate in systems with pressures up to 500 bar and with flows up to 600 l/min.

Our offering also includes 3/2-, 6/2- and 8/3-way selector valves for flows up to 200 l/min. and max. 32 MPa. These valves are typically used in tractors and other mobile equipment in order to provide them with one or more additional features without having to replace the entire directional valve package.

Various types of hydraulic valves

Our valve range also includes pressure limiting valves, sequence valves, check valves, hammer valves, pilot-controlled check valves, electrically controlled valves, proportional valves, pressure reducing valves and various types of special valves